Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

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No matter where you want to take your organization, get there with Microsoft Windows Server 2019—bringing the innovation behind the world’s largest cloud datacenter to yours.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter is designed for highly virtualized datacenter and cloud environments. Features exclusive to the Datacenter Edition include Shielded Virtual Machines, software-defined networking, Storage Spaces Direct, and Storage Replica. Datacenter Edition provides rights for an unlimited number of OSEs or Hyper-V containers when all physical cores in the server are licensed.

What’s New with Microsoft Windows Server 2019

  • Hybrid capabilities with Azure – Extend your datacenter to Azure to maximize your investments and gain new hybrid capabilities.
  • Advanced multilayer security – Elevate your security posture by protecting the datacenter, starting with the operating system.
  • Faster innovation for applications – Enable the creation of cloud-native apps, and modernize traditional apps using containers and microservices.
  • Unprecedented hyper-converged infrastructure – Evolve your datacenter infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and security.

Strengthen your security—starting at the operating system

Help prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity where it matters: your operating system and workloads. Rely on security features built into Microsoft Windows Server 2019 to control privileged access, protect virtual machines, and harden the platform against emerging threats.

Be more efficient with a software-defined datacenter

Bring flexibility and control to your datacenter while lowering costs with software-defined compute, storage, and networking. Run your datacenter with an automated and resilient operating system, and access many of the same cloud-efficient features found in Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Innovate faster with cloud-ready application workloads

Securely deploy and run your existing applications on Windows Server 2019 to transform them into new cloud-native models. Help developers to innovate and create on-premises and cloud applications using the latest technology—containers, microservices, and Nano Server.



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